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Finish foils

The all-round talent of finishing materials

Modern, high-quality finish foils are now an integral part of the production of furniture, interior doors as well as wall and ceiling panels.

Continuous Pressure Laminate (CPL)

Thin laminates for heavily used surfaces

Trendsetters rely on individual, high-quality and robust surfaces. CPL thin laminates open all possibilities for the finishing of furniture fronts and interior doors.

2D Foils

Plastic foils for profile wrapping and surface lamination

2D foils for surface refinement of two-dimensional surfaces have a range of uses in the interior finishing industry and furniture construction.

3D Foils

Diverse possibilities for three-dimensional shapes

3D hard foils are high-quality surface materials for use on membrane or non-membrane thermoforming presses for the decorative surface refinement of all sides of wooden materials.


Environmentally friendly surface refinement of the highest calibre

Evoline surface foils are ideally suited for a range of exclusive 2D applications – from furniture, doors and panels to high-traffic floors.